What is an Affiliate Network?

An affiliate Network is a platform designed to connect between advertisers who have products or services they wish to promote online, and independent marketers (Affiliates) that would like to promote these offers and receive commission.

The affiliate network makes sure this whole game works for both sides.

How much does it cost me to register to the network and start making commissions?

As an affiliate, it costs you nothing at all to register. It’s free of charge.

From what age can I join the network?

The minimum age to join is 18, if you have not yet turned 18 you will not be qualified to register.

How do I register in the network?

 Press this link to register: https://www.dingdongaffiliates.com/registration/

 If you are already registered, please log in from here: https://crm.dingdongaffiliates.com/

Cancelation of sales?

If a client purchased a product through your affiliate link, he will have a 30-day refund guarantee.

If the client cancelled his purchase within these 30 days. Your commission will be cancelled as well.

How do I withdraw my earned commissions?

You simply open a withdraw request inside your affiliate dashboard and our billing team will be happy to help you proceed with your request. 

Please keep in mind that the minimum commissions required for a withdraw is 150 USD.

For any further questions, please contact: support@dingdongaffiliates.com.

If I want to test my Affiliate Link to make sure the leads are entered in the system, how do I do that?

You can simply copy your link and enter your info with the word “test” in the form, that way we will know the lead is a test.

What is the minimum amount that I need to earn in order to withdraw my commissions?

The minimum amount is 150 USD.

Where can I see the different offers?

All our offers are shown in the “Marketplace” section in the CRM. At the bottom of each offer you will see the commissions you can earn.

How will the network know that a lead or a sale was made through my unique link?

The system is programed this way! Therefore when someone inserts his information through your unique affiliate link, the system automatically links that lead to your account.

If I don’t have marketing materials of my own, can I still use the network?

Absolutely! You will use the offer’s unique landing pages, and it will have all the details of the offer in it. You can also click “Download Assets” in the marketplace for marketing materials created by the offer admin.

If a client registered through 2 different affiliates, who will get the commission?

The commission will go to the first affiliate he registered through.

If I have any other questions who can I contact?

You can contact our support at: Support@dingdongaffiliates.com


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