What is an Affiliate Network?

An affiliate Network is a platform designed to connect between advertisers who have products or services they wish to promote online, and independent marketers (Affiliates) that would like to promote these offers and receive commission.

The affiliate network makes sure this whole game works for both sides.

How much does it cost me to register to the network and start making commissions?

As an affiliate, it costs you nothing at all to register. It’s free of charge.

From what age can I join the network?

The minimum age to join is 18, if you have not yet turned 18 you will not be qualified to register.

How do I register in the network?

 Press this link to register: https://www.dingdongaffiliates.com/registration/

 If you are already registered, please log in from here: https://crm.dingdongaffiliates.com/

As an Affiliate, what to I get commissions for?

You can get commissions either from a sale made through your affiliate link, or a qualified lead in one of the CPL offers.

How will I know that a lead registered from my affiliate link is qualified?

If the phone number of the lead is correct and in service, you will get paid for it.

Why did I get blocked?

If you referred spammy leads, friends/family or leads that did not register to one of the landing pages themselves, you will get blocked immediately from promoting on our network and any commissions that are still pending will be canceled.

Cancelation of sales?

If a client purchased a product through your affiliate link, he will have a 30-day refund guarantee.

If the client cancelled his purchase within these 30 days. Your commission will be cancelled as well.

Cancelation of leads?

Our system is highly sensitive to unqualified leads. If you’ve inserted leads manually to the different offers, and they didn’t register themselves, you’re account will be immediately blocked, and any pending commissions will be cancelled.

How do I withdraw my earned commissions?

At the 15th of each month we will send you an email specifying all your sales from the previous month.

You will be requested to send us an invoice for the amount accumulated and detailed of your bank account in order to receive the money.

The payment will be sent to you on the 25th of the same month that you’ve received the summary email.For instance, if you have earned over 100$ commission on May you will receive the commission payment on the 25th of June.

If you did not reach the minimum amount of 100$ in your commissions. The commission will be saved for you till you reach the minimum amount to withdraw, which is 100 USD.

For any further questions you have in this matter please contact: Billing@dingdongaffiliates.com Affiliates whom reached the amount of 1000 USD before the end of the month can withdraw their commissions right away- please make sure to send an email with an invoice to our billing department and they will handle the payment. 

Am I allowed to insert leads manually or on behalf of other people through the landing pages?Absolutely not! It’s against our policy, and if the system detects an affiliate who operates this way, he will get immediately blocked. Also, all of his earned commissions will be cancelled. 

My account has been blocked, what slued I do? 

If you get blocked out of security reasons, please let us know.

It happens when you try to log in unsuccessfully multiple times.

If this occurs, please send an email to our support- Support@dingdongaffiliates.com And they will unblock your user ASAP. 

Are there any other reasons that can cause my account to get blocked?

Yes, you are not allowed to use Ding Dong nor Nir Holtzman in your marketing efforts.If you are to use either of them without consent of Nir himself, your account will be blocked, and you will not be entitled to withdraw you commissions.

If I want to test my link to make sure the leads are entered in the system, how do I do that?

You can simply copy your link and enter your info with the word “test” in the form, that way we will know that the lead is a test lead.

What is the minimum amount that I need to earn in order to withdraw my commissions?

The minimum amount is 100 USD.

Where can I see the different offers?

All our offers are shown in the “Marketplace” section in the CRM. At the bottom of each offer you will see the commission for each one of them.

How will the network know that a lead or a sale was made through my unique link?

The system is programed this way! Therefor when someone inserts his information through your unique affiliate link, the system automatically links that lead to your account.

If I don’t have marketing materials of my own, can I still use the network?

Absolutely! You will use the offer’s unique landing page, and it will have all the details of the offer in it. You can also click “Download Assets” in the marketplace for marketing materials created by the business owner.

If the client registered through 2 different affiliates, who will get the commission?

The commission will go to the first affiliate he registered through.

If I have any other questions who can I contact?

You can contact our support at: Support@dingdongaffiliates.com

We work Monday to Friday:

9:30 – 17:30 GMT +3